When the Pandemic’s Over, We Should Keep These Things

when the pandemic's over

When the Pandemic’s Over, We Should Keep These Things

We are just completing a year of being in a pandemic. This past year has been crazy; it has seen loss, sickness, isolation, etc., but it has also made way for some adjustments that do not seem all that bad. In fact, when the pandemic’s over, we should continue these things.

Doing Work from Home

With the start of COVID, a lot of employees were sent to work from home. It started rough but eventually, they discovered that they preferred that over their usual workplace. There was no difference in productivity, and it allowed them to save money because they were not making the usual commute and they were able to watch over their young children. With everything opening back up, some businesses are requiring employees to return to the office. But if they can do the same work from home, it should still be allowed post-COVID.

Wearing Masks When Sick

Walking around while sneezing and coughing freely in public spaces seems like such a foreign thought, but that is who we were. We were not socially distancing nor wearing masks when sick. And knowing that a mask can be an effective barrier from sickness, we should continue wearing them. They also promote a sense of accountability. We are each doing our part in protecting each other and that should continue.

Essential Worker Appreciation

Those who were not fortunate enough to be able to work from home were stuck risking their health to provide us with essential services. We did learn to appreciate and thank them through social media, fundraisers, etc. We should take our newfound appreciation and continue to move forward with patience and respect for our essential workers.

Good Sanitary Practices

Through the pandemic, we were able to take a deeper look into our sanitary practices. We discovered there were areas where we could do better and now there are stricter cleaning protocols and sanitation stations at every entrance. There has also been a push for better personal hygiene and that is not something that we should forget at the end of the pandemic.

Connection with Loved Ones

A lot of people felt that the hardest part of the pandemic was the isolation. It was quite a shock to jump from social outings to complete lockdown. However, that lockdown allowed us to find new ways to stay in contact with loved ones. There was a yearning for connection and most of us made the effort to reach out. Staying in touch with those that we care about should not be abandoned when we are finally done with the pandemic.

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