Veterans Recovery Resources Partners With Cigna through $100,000 Grant

Veterans Recovery Resources Partners With Cigna through $100,000 Grant

Announced this week, The Cigna Foundation pledged a $100,000 grant to Veterans Recovery Resources. The community based non-profit offers professional clinical care and peer-based wellness programs to military service members, veterans, families, caregivers, and survivors in Alabama. Cigna has also stated they will support additional peer support specialists who will provide care beyond clinical services. These support specialists who are also veterans offer practical skills and assistance such as empathy and hope.

Who is Veterans Recovery Resources?

Veterans Recovery Resources is passionate about serving Veterans in southwest Alabama and the surrounding areas. The nonprofit was established by Veterans, for Veterans. VRR dedicates itself to helping veterans who have trouble adjusting to civilian life as well as helping rebuild purpose and relationships. With services like PMC, peer support, physical therapy, and individual/group counseling Veterans Recovery hopes to serve those who served. To get in contact with Veterans Recovery Resources for you or a loved one call 866-648-7334.

Cigna Support To Veterans In The Past

Susan Stith, executive director of the Cigna Foundation stated “At Cigna, we have a long-standing commitment to veterans. We’re privileged to support organizations that provide services supporting whole-person health to help veterans thrive, both in body and mind,”. This isn’t the first time Cigna has partnered with groups who had ties with Veterans. Earlier this year Cigna and the Department of Veterans Affairs announced a partnership to help educate veterans about safe opioid use and improve the delivery of care and health outcomes for veterans. They also offer a Veteran Support line accessible to all veterans, families, and caregivers reachable at 855-244-6211. You don’t even need to be a Cigna member to receive help.

Our veterans risked their lives to ensure we are able to live ours. To support Veterans Recovery Resources, through volunteering or donating please visit the hyperlinks.

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