Nanotech In Health & It’s Constant Stride

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Nanotechnology probably wasn’t the first thing you thought about this morning. As for those who geek over the idea, nanotech has slowly been creating strides in a field that can change our outlook on health and how it can enhance our lives. No clue what nanotech is or its capabilities? Today, we will be going over how technological advancement in the field can help our health in a not so distant future.

What Is Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale, which is about 1 to 100 nanometers. Nanotech can be seen on a wide scale of different types of sciences whether that’s photochemistry, electronics, and even health. The current market is valued at $500 billion annually and has plenty of room to still grow. Nanotechnology is being constantly developed by the US Government research and development sector involving the nanotechnology-related activities of 20 departments and independent agencies. As of today, nanotechnology is being used in everyday lives from medicine, computer usage, and even our fuel economy.

Nanotech Being Used In Healthcare

Many hope to be able to use nanotech at a microscopic level, such as monitoring our health. For instance, Nanoparticles can be used to help detect, quantify, and display molecular and cellular changes that happen in vitro and in vivo organisms. By being able to observe/alter cells and molecules on this level we will be able to better our health at the source. That can be through directly delivering protein, antibodies, and other substances to specific types of cells. We can help reduce damage to healthy cells and help identify health issues earlier on. Using nanotech to repair specific cells that have been damaged can help speed up the natural healing process. This will help the natural healing process excel at new levels.

When Can we Expect the Next Growth In The Field?

Although it might seem like a distant dream, nanotech has made important strides over the last decade. We can anticipate a growth in the field by 15% by 2022 and the usage to greatly expand in years following. Looking towards the future, can nanotechnology be used to push past our human limits?

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