Personalized Medicine and the Scientific Front Runners

personalized medicine


Personalized Medicine and the Scientific Front Runners

With the growing ability to access new types of healthcare tools through technological advances, healthcare tech isn’t slowing down. The newest advancement is in Israel taking the front line of personalized medicine. In short, Israel is beginning the development of Direct-to-Consumer genome sequencing. What can this “Personalized Medicine” deliver to the public? What are the advantages of being able to know your genomes? Today, we will cover this and more as we look into Personalized Medicine from one of its front-runners, Israel.

Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine involves personal diagnostic testing for assessing treatments, therapies, and more, based on someone’s genetic content. Because everyone has a very unique human genome, modern advances in personal health can help us understand a patient’s health on a whole new level. By using these predictive tools, we can more accurately assess health risks and to design personalized health plans to help patients mitigate those risks. The method is done by a genome-wide association study, which looks at one disease and tries to match it with shared mutations in the genome. In other words, consider connecting a puzzle and finding similarities in diseases and connecting it to certain mutations.

Israels Advancements

Israel’s success in the field comes from its diverse population along with its academic research in AI and bioinformatics. Since the country is a mixture of Jews, Arabs, Samaritans, Armenians and more they are able to work with many different ethnic backgrounds cataloging each difference found in genomes. Israel hopes to become a global leader in digital health, recently setting up a National Digital Health plan. Ultimately, the plan is to create a digital database of residents and make its availability easier. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes that Personalized Medicine is “potentially the biggest industry of all.”

Future Outlook

Personalized Medicine will help improve the quality of healthcare we can provide and eventually lower costs. It also allows patients to understand why they need certain treatments and therapies and make understanding their healthcare easier. As technology revolutionizes, we’ll be able to diagnose, prevent, and above all treat most diseases the best way for each individual patient.

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