Reducing Inflammation

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Inflammation is “a process by which your body’s white blood cells and the things they make protect you from infection from outside invaders, such as bacteria and viruses.” There are two types of inflammation. Acute inflammation is the body’s response to injury. For example, after getting a cut on your leg, your body sends inflammatory cells to the injured leg to begin the healing process. Chronic inflammation occurs when the body sends inflammatory cells despite there not being a need. It is possible to reduce inflammation. Vitamin supplements, exercise, and certain foods can help fight inflammation.

What are the causes of inflammation?

One of the most common causes of chronic inflammation is autoimmune disorders. One such ailment, lupus, negatively impacts people by causing the body to attack healthy tissue. Smoking and drinking alcohol often can also cause inflammation. Obesity is responsible for inflammation problems as well. Furthermore, pollution and industrial chemicals are toxic to humans and may prompt inflammatory cells to arise. If one has an untreated injury or infection, then that can also cause swelling in the body.

How do I reduce inflammation?

Consistently taking vitamin supplements can be a good way to reduce inflammation. Zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D can contribute to healing the body. Fish oil supplements are recommended by health professionals too. Garlic and ginger are spices with anti-inflammatory properties. Incorporating these spices into a meal is another good solution.

Also, researchers have found that resistance training reduces inflammation. Bodyweight exercises such as squats, pushups, and bridges are helpful suggestions. Beginners can modify these exercises until they build up enough strength to perform a more difficult workout. Other studies have discovered cycling can also help reduce inflammation. If you remain active throughout the week, you will stand a greater chance of not developing unwanted inflammatory cells. Regular exercise can also lower stress levels. Managing your stress level is vital to reducing inflammation. Doctors believe stress is the cause of many diseases. A lack of sleep increases stress levels resulting in unnecessary inflammation, so getting good sleep every night is critical to maintaining good health. 

What foods are good for reducing inflammation?

Plenty of foods are available to partake of that will reduce inflammation. Salmon is an excellent source of many nutrients and can fight inflammation. Tomatoes, the juicy fruit that is often mistaken for a vegetable, is another anti-inflammatory food. Spinach and kale are healthy greens that have health benefits in fighting inflammation. Adding walnuts and olive oil to your meal is a tasty way to keep inflammation away. Grilling a filet of salmon and tossing together a spinach salad with tomatoes, walnuts, and olive oil sounds like a delicious meal to me. How about you?

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