How To Start Your Morning Off Right

How you start your morning will play a major role in the rest of your day. From what you eat, think, hear, and do each morning will have a role in how your day unfolds. If it’s possible to start a morning off right, what would it consist of? Today, we will be going over what things you can do to start every day off right that will lead to a more enjoyable day.

Morning Stretch and Workout

It’s time to rise and shine! When starting off your morning you must stretch it out. Stretching helps relieve and prevent back pains by reducing the tensions that are on your spine and muscles. Our muscles cramp up when we don’t move a lot so when we awake from sleep we tend to feel tight. When we stretch, our bodies release waste and stress from sleeping, which rejuvenates our muscles to get ready for the day. Depending on how much time you have before you have to go, why not give your body a quick 5-10 minute workout? You can try to hit a quick rep of push-ups, some jumping jacks, and squats. You could even go for a walk around the block to get a little bit of sun and enjoy the weather.

Leave the Alarm ON and Get Your Full 8 Hours

Getting out of bed seems to be easier said than done. And it must seem pretty tempting to go back to sleep and put your alarm on snooze. Leave the alarm on! If you have to, set multiple alarms back to back so you do not just hit snooze out of sleepiness. After you’re finally able to wake up, try washing your face or taking a shower. The feeling of water hitting your skin, cold or hot is sure to wake you up fully. If you’re still having trouble getting out of bed, it might be time to think about setting a sleep schedule with a full 8 hours of sleep.

Breakfast and a Little Motivation

Finally, the most important tip: always eat breakfast. Besides just providing energy, breakfast foods are good sources of nutrients, such as calcium, iron and B vitamins, as well as protein and fiber. Breakfast foods provide restoration for glucose levels, which is important for the functioning of the brain. Without breakfast, you’re basically running on E and that’s never good with a full day ahead of you. Assign yourself a task that will motivate you. Do this each day, and you will soon see that anything can be accomplished. This can also make you feel more determined, and its something you will look forward to every morning.

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