The Three Biggest Health Trends of 2017

With a new year comes new trends. It seems like personal well being is on a huge incline and becoming nothing short of a world-wide movement. Furthermore, as humans, our health is an important factor to staying at our best. With all the new health trends popping up it’s hard not to participate in a more healthy lifestyle. For this article, I would like to discuss some of the new health trends of 2017 that have emerged around the U.S.

Hyper Personalized

Hyper personalized health is a move towards self-quantification. The rise of at-home blood testing, which were previously only accessible at clinics, is bringing entirely new dimensions to the tracking of personal health. Similarly, the tests allow people to track their vitamin levels, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol from a vial of blood. There are many mobile apps that can perform this job. InsideTracker, for instance, analyzes up to 30 different biomarkers and WellnessFX whose vitality package monitors key markers of women’s health. Due to this health trend,  it’s easier for us to take care of ourselves and monitor vital changes in health.

Fitness Festivals

Clearly, wellness and health are slowly becoming their own economy, and we see a lot of outside lifestyle segments trying to get on board. We see wellbeing vehicles that promote a more active lifestyle, wellbeing real estate, and most notably the trend of music festival venues being rented out for large functions like yoga and athletic events. These fitness festivals are attracting larger crowds, who want to get out and have fun actively. In 2016, Nike held a three-day fitness event in London that was part-music festival, part-endorphin extravaganza. Because of its exercise classes, participants were able to participate in high-intensity workouts taught by well-known fitness gurus.


In 2017, we can find wellness coverage around the United States. With the demand of physical fitness, more companies have begun to capitalize. There are wellness holidays, wellness hotels, wellness hotel showers at these healthtopia towns. For example, Lake Nona, which is a development in Orlando, Florida, keeps health and wellness residents in mind. They’ve even been the focus of several health studies. In Lake Nona, there are medical and research facilities located in what is known as Medical City. These facilities provide employment to many of the town’s 11,000 residents and is expected to grow to 25,000 before long. In addition, Medical City will have a 63-acre home for the United States Tennis Association with 100 courts on site. Lake Nona has access to free activities, including tai chi, bike races, and yoga, as well as a network of trails that 44 miles long.

Another health trend includes wellness programs offered through health insurance companies. These programs intend to improve and promote health and fitness. Though usually offered through the work place, insurance companies also offer them directly to enrollees. Some of the monetary benefits of these programs include premium discounts, cash rewards, gym memberships, and other incentives to participate. As for the health benefits, the programs help participants quit smoking or lose weight; additionally, the wellness programs often include diabetes management programs and preventative health screenings.

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