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An engaged couple hold each other's pinky fingers.
Insurance for Engaged Couples: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Married First off, congratulations on your impending nuptials! Once you pop the question and place the engagement ring on, a newly engaged couple will move on to planning the big day. However, the gap between getting engaged and the wedding day […]

Insurance for Engaged Couples

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What is Cross-Cultural Communication? People who share geographic space, experiences, and history develop a pattern of behavior and norms known as culture. Culture comprises ideas, beliefs, value systems, language, and lifestyles that a group of people shares. “We express our culture through foods, celebrations, music, art, laws, customs, rituals, and language. Culture […]

What is Cross-Cultural Communication?

Life Insurance Awareness Month
September is Life Insurance Awareness Month! Life Insurance Awareness Month, or LIAM, is a nationwide campaign founded by Life Happens in 2004. The purpose of the campaign is to inform the masses about the importance of obtaining adequate life insurance coverage and keep their loved ones protected. Questions to Ask […]

Welcome to Life Insurance Awareness Month

According to Capgemini and Efma’s World Insurance Report 2020 insurance consumers are beginning to shift their behavior when it comes to purchasing insurance. This behavior change is now in favor of tech insurance providers jumping the use of Insurance agents and brokers altogether. Though customers can find themselves feeling more empowered […]

Customers Need Insurance Agents: Here Is The Reason Why

As the leading cause of dementia, nearly 5 million people struggle with Alzheimer’s in the U.S. Starting with memory loss and confusion, patients will then experience difficulties with speech and thinking. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s and the cause remains unknown. However, a newly discovered protein has become a […]

Saving Neurons in Alzheimer’s Disease

New York Life In Talks With Cigna To Purchase Units Of Cigna Corp. Talks have emerged about New York Life Insurance Co. interested in purchasing units of Cigna Corp. The deal would allow NYL to purchase units that sell nonmedical insurance products to employers being estimated at around $6 billion. […]

New York Life In Talks With Cigna To Purchase Units ...