affordable health insurance

Ironically, the Affordable Care Act is becoming increasingly unaffordable for consumers. As carriers continue leaving the marketplace, the remaining carriers have raised rates to compensate for the high risk individuals. However, consumers don’t have to settle for good health coverage at exorbitant costs. The best strategy to achieving affordable health […]

Supplemental Insurance: IHC Product Overview

One of the best ways to make health insurance affordable nowadays is with a supplemental plan, paired with a bronze qualified health plan. Rates for health insurance are steadily increasing. Monthly premiums are skyrocketing, and deductibles are increasingly becoming unaffordable. However, with a bronze plan, the monthly premiums are less; […]

Supplemental Insurance: National General Product Overview

Jeff Hess, individual, group, and ancillary health expert, wants to make sure that you don’t make the already confusing task of getting affordable health insurance anymore difficult. To start, his first piece of advice is: GET AN AGENT FOR AFFORDABLE HEALTH INSURANCE QUOTES. It’s an agent’s job to stay apprised […]

First Step: Get an Agent for Affordable Health Insurance Quotes