The Plan To Expand After the acquisition of Aetna by CVS, at the back end of 2018, CVS has not quit with their expansion of health services. The latest addition to the companies stores include dietitians, medical equipment and space for the occasional yoga class. The expansion plans to include […]

HealthHubs Creation By CVS Plans to Transform 1,500 Stores

The exercising problem Everybody knows that spending time exercising is healthy, but does not pursue fitness. I understand the desire to sit on the couch and watch some T.V. when coming home from work. When I used to come home from work, I would feel tired and lack the desire […]

Exercising Is Tough

There are only a few real reasons to be switching health plans. The first reason is that most people are very lazy or too busy to spend time searching for higher quality premiums and plans. The second is that the majority of people do not see a need to be […]

Switching Health Plans

genetic testing
Genetic testing has made great strides over the past few years. By being able to track and test your genetic data, we are now able to help pinpoint certain diseases and disorders that might we might be susceptible to developing. Is Genetic testing something you should be interested in? Many […]

Genetic Testing: Should You Be Interested in the Test

We’ve all heard that eating less red meat has a multitude of benefits, but did you know that replacing it entirely could possibly lower your risk of heart disease? With heart disease being the number one killer in America, it is important for us to establish healthy eating habits. And, […]

Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease by Replacing Red Meat ...

snp plans
Some consumers who have special health care needs might need special plans that give them benefits to help fit their current situations. Special Needs Plans or (SNP) offer a wide range of special health care needs, including chronic illness. Under the governing of CMS, these plans must provide care and […]

SNP Plans and The Different Types Available

Is sleep really that important? YES! Sleep is extremely important both for your health and productivity. When it comes to your health there should be no exception, you should always take care of yourself and your physical health. But why is it important? Sleep helps to refresh your brain and […]

Getting Enough Sleep?

What is the deal with Meditation? Is it actually helpful, or just something people do to help “Clear their minds and soles.”? Well yes and no, there is some truth to Meditation being good for you, and there is also some bad. The Good Meditation cultivates attention and awareness, studies […]

Simple Meditation Facts

Screen time, a word that is often thrown around in the media and even in Medical journals and papers. That’s because we are so addicted to our phones that it is hard for u to do anything other than be on them. What’s America’s Average Screen time? According to MIT […]

America’s Average Screen Time

Do you know that the average American Life is 78.7 years? That is 944.4 months to spend of your life. If you are 35 today, you only have 524.4 months left to live. That number feels like a lot but is not very much when you consider that almost half […]

Not So Many Months