Parents of unvaccinated kids have a lot of questions as far as guidelines go for how they are supposed to interact with one another. No one under the age of 16 is eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, leaving a lot up in the air to households who are partially […]

Parents of Unvaccinated Kids

retirement planning
Steps for Retirement Planning A large part of retirement planning is saving money, and while retirement may seem like a far-off event, saving should begin now. The average American aged 40-60 has less than $100,000 saved for their retirement and surveys have shown that $1.7 million is required for a […]

Steps for Retirement Planning

group and individual health insurance
Differences Between Group and Individual Health Insurance In the past, having health insurance through your job was the way to go. However, there have been certain changes in the landscape of the health care world that have shifted that mindset. Employers are now having to cut the number of benefits […]

Differences Between Group and Individual Health Insurance

stay organized
Staying Organized 101 Organization is not a skill that everyone possesses, and those that do have probably maintained certain habits for a long while. There are simple things you can throw into your everyday life that will make you feel better and more productive. Here are some basic ways to […]

Staying Organized 101

A big announcement came Friday before last as the CDC shortened physical distance in schools around the nation from six feet to three feet, allowing for more in-person learning flexibility. These new guidelines, of course, are dependent on everyone wearing masks and using other health and safety protocols set out […]

CDC Shortens Physical Distance in Schools

history of insurance
A Look into the History of Insurance in the US Some things have felt like they always existed, insurance being one of them. However, just like all things, it had to have its start somewhere. We will be taking a look into the history of insurance in the United States. […]

A Look Into the History of Insurance in the US

life insurance riders
What are Life Insurance Riders? A basic life insurance policy is good, but it could always be better tailored to the particular needs of the policyholder. That is why they should always consider the necessary riders. Life insurance riders are benefits that can be added to a basic policy to […]

What are Life Insurance Riders?

Five Tips for Leaving Quarantine BETTER It’s March.  Blooms have broken ground.  The country is thawing.  Vaccinations rest on the horizon line.  For many, it feels like we’re flipping a page in our history, and with luck, we’re turning to a gentler chapter. A lot of people are wondering how […]

Five Tips for Leaving Quarantine BETTER

ergonomic tips
Ergonomic Tips for Your Workspace Whether you work at home, or in an office, you may spend a lot of time at your desk. If not handled properly, this could result in some fatigue or pain. We always want to put out our best work and having to deal with […]

Ergonomic Tips for Your Workspace

President Joe Biden issued an update on the vaccination process moving forward recently, as he instructed all 50 states to make COVID-19 vaccines available to every adult by May 1. Biden also set a benchmark of July 4 to get closer to normal in reopening the country. While this does […]

Update on the Vaccination Process