A mosquito hanging off a leaf
A Very Buggy Start This year’s mosquito season is already off to an explosive start across the country. The mosquito’s active season has grown significantly with milder winters and warmer summers. So these bugs won’t bug off anytime soon. What can you do to repel mosquitoes safely and effectively? To […]

The Mosquito Blight: Stopping the Bites

Fast food is served on a table.
Eating at McDonald’s is a blast! You get your happy meal, devour your french fries, and open your brand-new toy—what more could an adult want? Well, the sad news is something that we all know. We can’t enjoy Mcdonald’s every day. Whether you enjoy their food or not, the subject […]

How Important Is Your Diet?

A large Route 66 logo appears on an empty road.
There are plenty of big city or foreign travel destinations to venture to this summer, but there are many lesser-known places to explore in the USA. You can learn a lot about a city, state, or country by taking road trips in your vehicle. If you are longing for the […]

Take a Trip on Route 66

Bees are one of the most significant animals in the food chain. With their pollination, we see growth in a lot of plants, fruits, and vegetables that we need to survive. And while that is all good and well, bee stings are no fun. Bee Sting Symptoms Reactions to bee […]

Treating Bee Stings

It is important to stay cool in the summer to avoid any heat-related illness.
As we transition from the breezy spring days into the sizzling summer heat, we must consider the potential risks of rising temperatures. Among these risks are the increased chance of obtaining heat-related illnesses. This article aims to share knowledge about these conditions, how to prevent them, and what to do […]

Understanding Heat-Related Illness

Piglets getting eight hours of sleep on hay
Sleeping for eight hours a night has been ingrained in our heads since we were young. Your parents would tell you, “Make sure you get eight hours of sleep!” Was this always the case? Have we always been subject to the restraints of our bodies? Were we destined to fall […]

Is Eight Hours of Sleep Enough?

A provider explains a preventive healthcare service to a patient.
Millions of people across the country utilize preventive healthcare services every day. Under Section 2713 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), private health plans must offer coverage for many recommended preventive services and cannot charge you a copayment or coinsurance, even if you have not met your yearly deductible. Recent court […]

Preventive HealthCare Services

The Debt Ceiling has been an issue for many years. 2
The debt ceiling consistently sparks discussion in the complex arenas of political debate and financial policy. You may have heard the term used in the news, but what does it mean, and why is it significant? While it might appear as a piece of intricate jargon, the reality is that […]

Debt Ceiling: A Crucial Component

Two hockey players in skates, a hockey stick and a puck are seen on the ice.
5 Unique Hockey Traditions The National Hockey League (NHL) is deep into its postseason, and viewers are bound to witness many of the league’s unique hockey traditions. You may have never watched a hockey game before, or perhaps you are a seasoned fan. Regardless, sit back and prepare to learn […]

5 Unique Hockey Traditions

Strawberries are a great addition to any spring garden.
As winter retreats and spring awakens, there’s no better time to start a spring garden and immerse yourself in nature’s rejuvenation. Gardening brightens your surroundings and additionally brings mental, physical, environmental, and economic benefits. As the days grow longer and the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, it’s time to welcome […]

Spring Garden Tips