Turtles and Frogs and Snakes, Oh My! The popularity of reptiles and amphibians as pets has surged, especially for children, due to their low-maintenance nature and unique charm. And while these slimy creatures are fascinating companions, it may be best to avoid them. This caution arises from the fact that reptiles […]

Salmonella: The Danger Behind These Unique Pets

Oranges and vitamin c
Vitamin C, a powerful nutrient, has been a game-changer in wellness. Its diverse benefits have made it a staple in many diets and health regimens. Returning to its discovery, vitamin C has evolved from a mere dietary supplement to a multi-faceted health booster. Recognized for its role in combating scurvy, […]

Vitamin C: 5 Reasons Why It’s Good for Your Health

Keeping a good work-life balance is something we all need to learn.
Remember that feeling of spinning plates on sticks, hoping none go crashing down? Yeah, that’s pretty much adulthood now. Between chasing promotions and wiping sticky hands, achieving “work-life balance” feels like winning the lottery. How do you achieve the status of SuperMom/Dad and climb the corporate ladder? How do you […]

Workplace Wellness Tips

The holidays with littles means that your house will be filled to the brim with new toys. And while that can be a dream for your children, as a parent, this can be a cause of extreme stress. Unfortunately, not all toys are created equal. Some are large, some are […]

Play It Safe: A Guide to Choosing Child-Friendly Toys

A woman hold a bottle of castor oil.
Did you know that castor oil offers many health benefits? The oil comes from the seeds of the castor plant, and the oil’s topical benefits go as far back as ancient Egypt. Back then, people used the oil as a medicine and a beauty enhancement. Today, India, China, and Brazil […]

Castor Oil Benefits

woman exercising and looking at her fitness tracker
In an era where technology intersects with every aspect of our lives, fitness trackers have emerged as essential tools for health-conscious individuals. These gadgets are redefining personal health management by offering a blend of convenience and insightful health data. The introduction of fitness trackers brings about a significant shift in […]

Fitness Tracker: Goal-Setting Made Easy

In today’s healthcare landscape, you cannot understate the importance of preventive care within health insurance plans. Besides the usual scope of medical treatments for ailments, emphasizing preventive care has become paramount in ensuring overall well-being. Preventive care encompasses a range of services, including routine check-ups, screenings, vaccinations, and counseling to detect potential […]

Putting Preventive Care Coverage First

Man and woman communication break down on a bench
Do you remove yourself from a conversation when things get a little tense? Do you get a frog in your throat and begin to cry when you get into an argument? If you do, you certainly aren’t the first and won’t be the last. This dilemma can be a symptom […]

Communication Is Key

A young woman is shocked while reading her laptop.
Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines a coincidence as “the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection.” We often witness such instances in our daily lives. Maybe you keep hearing a loved one’s name everywhere you go, or you recently thought of someone you know […]

3 Strange Coincidences in History

A variety of colorful vegetables.
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash Need Variety? Choose Healthy Winter Produce As winter settles in and the days shorten, nature gifts us an exquisite array of seasonal fruits and vegetables that add vibrant flavors to our meals and offer a wealth of health benefits. Incorporating a variety of healthy […]

Nutrient-Dense Winter Produce to Boost your Christmas Dishes