What Happens if You Miss Your Open Enrollment ACA Deadline?

It’s open enrollment season, and the first two deadlines have come and gone. The last deadline is two weeks away – January 31st! With that being said, what happens if you miss your ACA deadline? If your plan is not renewing, then you need to enroll in a plan ASAP to effectuate new coverage. Otherwise, if you don’t, then you’ll be without coverage for a month or more because the last effective date for an Obamacare plan is March 1st. However, if you miss any of the deadlines, there’s still a way to maintain continuous coverage. Watch the video below and Jeff Hess, the individual health expert, with tell you how!

Check Out a Short Term Medical Plan if You Miss Your ACA Deadline

If you missed the ACA deadline, then you’re without coverage. Depending on your situation, you may qualify for a short term medical plan that will last until the next effective date. Then if anything catastrophic happens within that time period, you’re covered.

You will have a deductible, but at least you’d be covered. Moreover, short term medical does not cover pre-existing conditions. In other words, you wouldn’t buy a short term plan to cover your blood pressure medication or your hypo-thyroid condition or your asthma. You would have short term medical just in case something bad happens like a car accident. This is merely a safeguard if you miss the first or second deadline so don’t miss the last deadline to enroll in a qualified, Obamacare plan.

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