Supplemental Insurance: IHC Product Overview

Ironically, the Affordable Care Act is becoming increasingly unaffordable for consumers. As carriers continue leaving the marketplace, the remaining carriers have raised rates to compensate for the high risk individuals. However, consumers don’t have to settle for good health coverage at exorbitant costs. The best strategy to achieving affordable health insurance is by pairing a bronze qualified health plan with a supplemental plan. IHC is an example of a great company with excellent supplement plan options. They not only offer supplemental plans, but they also have short term medical plans and fixed indemnity plans.

Metal Gap

Among some of their products, IHC has what they call Metal Gap. Essentially, this product is a combination of supplement plans, including critical illness, accident, and a hospital indemnity. Metal Gap is relatively inexpensive, and it helps bridge the gaps left by qualified health plans.

RX Copay Card

IHC also has an RX copay card, which gives consumers access to generic, as well as brand name, prescriptions with a copay. The best part is that it’s guaranteed issue, meaning no underwriting. So if you have a qualified health plan or a short-term plan that doesn’t cover prescriptions, then the RX copay card can get you the medication you need at a low cost. For an individual, this prescription benefit is about $20, and for a family, it costs about $40.


Another great benefit with IHC is telemedicine. If you have a plan that doesn’t offer doctor copays, you can call a board certified physician for minor medical needs. So instead of paying to see a doctor in-person for the flu, colds, allergies, etc., you can simply make a phone call. Even over the phone, the doctor can write a prescription for you and send it to your preferred pharmacy. Why go to a doctor’s office or urgent care facility if you don’t have to?


Like other supplement insurance companies, IHC offers a critical illness plan that covers cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and other critical conditions. Additionally, they offer a dental PPO plan.

With so many great benefits and plans, IHC is definitely a company to consider if you’re looking to purchase a supplemental plan. Ask your agent about it today!

Since insurance is oftentimes overwhelmingly confusing, we want to shed light on this industry by answering YOUR questions.  So if you have any questions or concerns, comment below and your question may be the topic of our next video!

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