Telemedicine: Reshaping the Way We Receive Healthcare

Since Obamacare insured millions and millions of individuals, reducing the uninsured rate to a record low, it, however, created a crisis. Even more so than the rising premiums and high deductibles, people are frustrated by the restrictive networks. Understandably, people want to see their doctors when they need to see them. With so many insured, the demand for doctors is high. Yet despite this demand, doctors and hospitals are dropping out of networks. As a result, people are not receiving the healthcare they need or want. Patients must either schedule way in advance, wait for hours in a waiting room, or go to an Urgent Care facility, which may be out-of-network. Either way, people are subject to time constraints and possible out-of-network penalties.

While many can request a car, order anything, and hire anybody all within minutes on their phone, healthcare remains confusing and inconvenient. However, that is about to change. Whether because of our growing digital society or because of Obamacare, a new trend is emerging within the healthcare industry – telemedicine.


Teladoc gives you mobile access to a national network of licensed doctors, certified in internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics, etc. Receive immediate service over the phone or through video chat anytime and anywhere. To accommodate for busy schedules, Teladoc also allows users to schedule appointments. The appointments can be as long as needed. During appointments, doctors review your medical records and go over your symptoms. They can diagnose non-emergency medical conditions and treat anything from the cold and flu to bronchitis and urinary tract infections. Though convenient, Teladoc is not meant to replace the primary care physician.

In addition general medicine, Teladoc provides specialize treatment. For particular cases, Teladoc refers users to dermatologists and mental health professionals. If needed, the doctors can even write prescriptions and send it to your pharmacy of choice. However, there is no guarantee that doctors will write prescriptions.

This 24/7 medical consultation app is exclusive. Only Aetna members only can have a Teladoc subscription. Aetna ensures the highest quality of care through Teladoc at the lost cost of $40 or less for a consultation. Rather than visiting an urgent care or ER facility, Teladoc both saves you money and time. Lastly, this mobile service is available in all US states; however, since it is subject to state regulation, it may not be available.


Again, costs are continually increasing. Within the last decade, premiums in some states have increased as much as 60% or more. Deductibles are even worse. With some plans, families have to pay on average $14,300 before their insurance will begin to pay its share of the coinsurance. To add to these high costs, many insured Americans are receiving surprise medical bills for inadvertently receiving out-of-network care. According to Kaiser, 70% of those with out-of-network bills did not realize that the healthcare provider was not in their plan’s network.

Sherpaa intends to solve these healthcare costs. Sherpaa clients, who remained through renewal, have not experienced premium increases of more than 2%. Furthermore, Sherpaa saves healthcare costs by reducing the chances of using Urgent Care facilities that are out-of-network because doctors are available 24/7 via app. Since the majority (about 70%) of visits to doctor’s office are unnecessary, Sherpaa will save users both time and money. Though employers are the primary subscribers, Sherpaa also offers plans for as low as $25/month for individuals.


Unlike other telemedicine providers, Avizia offers hardware, software, and services to hospitals. As of January 24, 2017, Avizia has extended their virtual platform to include medical professionals in 36 specialties. More than 400 healthcare systems in 37 countries utilize this telemedicine software to connect patients to the doctors they need in 8 of the top 10 hospital networks.

Moreover, Avizia launched their new mobile app, which enables physicians to check-up on their patients. Patients can now attend surgical follow-ups via video chat instead of sitting in a waiting room. Instead of waiting for normal business hours or going to an Urgent Care facility, which may be out-of-network, Avizia also connects patients to physicians anytime and anywhere when they have a cold or flu like symptoms. Lastly, Avizia enables users to consult with doctors about lab results and prescriptions. Check with your healthcare system to see if they support the Avizia myCare app!

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