Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Do you have a cup of coffee every morning? Well, you may want to switch up your morning routine by having a cup of tea instead. Your body will thank you. Though it has less caffeine than coffee, which is a main reason people drink coffee, tea has several health benefits. For instance, tea contains cancer-fighting antioxidants and energy boosters, as well as protects bones! And that’s not all.

Herbal teas like chamomile and lavender helps with insomnia because they reduce stress levels. Lemon balm is also decreases anxiety and stress. Then, there’s ginger and peppermint, which are great for digestive health, and echinacea, which boosts immunity.

Think of it this way: Herbal teas offer immediate relief for ailments, and traditional teas offer more long-term benefits.

For more on the health benefits of tea, check out the most popular tea types below and their corresponding health benefits.

Benefits of Black Tea

Made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, black tea, as its name suggests, has a dark color when brewed. It is more oxidized than the others so its taste is stronger and long-lasting. The two most popular black teas are English tea and Earl Grey tea.

Improves Digestive Health – Rich in tannins, black tea helps the digestive system process food. Because tannins relax the intestines, it remedies constipation or other digestive issues.

Reduces Inflammation – Black tea possesses great anti-inflammatory properties because it’s rich in antioxidants. It helps prevent plaque build up, protect mental health, and much more.

Protects the Skin – Studies show black can reduce the risk of damage from sunlight.

Burns Calories – The caffeine in black tea boosts calorie burning, which can help with weight loss.

Benefits of Green Tea

Since it is not as processed as other teas like black or oolong tea, green tea has a gentler color and taste. As such, it is a very popular option and offers similar health benefits as black tea.

Protects Against Cancer Interestingly, several studies, involving both animals and humans, found that drinking green tea regularly lowered the risk of cancer. This cancer-preventative benefit likely stems from the polyphenols in green tea.

Improves Heart Health – Green tea helps reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol in the blood vessels. Both of which protect against a heart attack or a stroke.

Increases Fat Burning – Because of the polyphenols, green tea helps burn calories and increases the amount of fat used for fuel. 

Benefits of Oolong Tea

After withering and drying under intense sunlight, oolong tea leaves are then rolled into clumps. This process results in a lightly colored tea with a mild taste. This unique process also has some beneficial health effects.

Helps Manage Diabetes – Research indicates that drinking oolong tea regularly maintains healthy blood sugar levels. Because of its high water content and antioxidants, oolong is a natural way to prevent problems associated with diabetes.

Protects Your Teeth Studies show that using oolong tea as a mouth rinse can protect against plaque build up on teeth.

Benefits of White Tea

White tea is neither oxidized nor rolled. As a result, its taste is significantly milder than darker teas. Regardless of taste or color, white tea still offers great health benefits.

Maintains Mental Health – Because of its strong antioxidants, white tea helps protect brain cells from damage. For those looking to stave off mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s Disease or depression, white tea is the best choice.

Fights Bacteria – Because of its anti-bacterial properties, white tea also prevents infections. If already sick, it can also speed up the recovery. 

Benefits of Pu’erh Tea

Pu’erh Tea (also called dark tea or fermented tea) can take up to months or even years to fully process. Because it must be exposed to humidity and oxygen over a long period of time, fermented tea has both a strong aroma and a mild taste. The process also alters the chemical makeup of the tea leaves thereby influencing its health benefits.

Rich in Probiotics – Since it is processed by fermenting, this tea is a rich source of probiotics. As such, it improves both the digestive system and the immune system. It also helps improve mental health.

Slows Down Carbohydrate Digestion – Some research shows that pu’erh slows down the digestion of sugar. Because it helps maintain blood sugar levels, this tea is great for diabetics. In addition, this tea staves off hunger so it’s beneficial for those watching their weight.


Though there may be slight differences in how each tea benefits the body, they all to an extent are the same. Meaning, no matter which tea you drink you’ll reap amazing health benefits. So you might as well drink the tea you like the most!

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