Top Concerns with ACA Insurance in 2017

Top Concerns with ACA Insurance in 2017






You work with ACA Obamacare plans. What do you feel like your clients have the biggest fear of when they choose an ACA insurance plan?

Well the biggest fear, other than how much ACA insurance is going to cost them this year, is whether they’re going to be covered. Whether their doctors are going to cover something, because of the issues that we ran into last year. We had doctors in November that were covered in the network and by the time January came around those same doctors were no longer in the network and we were not told. They don’t trust the Obamacare, period. The Unaffordable Care Act, or the Affordable Care Act, the biggest concern for everyone is the price, and keeping their doctors. Nowadays, I tell my clients you have about a 10 percent chance of keeping all your doctors. If you have more than three, there’s about a 90 percent chance that you’re not going to keep but one. So they have to be flexible.

Do you have any alternatives for people that maybe want to be able to use all the doctors that they currently have, but they’re not in a lot of those ACA insurance plans?

Yes. A lot of the short term medical plans now coupled with some subset of ancillary products, such as an accident, critical illness, or hospital supplement. It also allows them to go into a PPO network and use pretty much any doctor they want. The savings usually outweigh any penalties, and a good portion of the time they don’t even qualify for the penalty.

So do you expect those short term medical plans to be fairly popular for this next year.

I expect probably over 60 percent of my business to go to short term medical, unless they qualify for a subsidy. And they obviously should take advantage of subsidies.

How long does it take you if you’re enrolling someone, and let’s say they qualify for a subsidy from the government for an ACA a health insurance plan. How long does it take you to do an enrollment?

Well it depends. Obviously, there’s a quick way to do it through Empower Brokerage tools, which only takes a few minutes. If you try to walk through the site, sometimes you can spend an hour.

Why do you work with Empower Brokerage?

I met the National Sales Director a couple of years ago at a golf tournament. Of course we hit it off, and I like I like the fact that they are centrally located you’re close. That’s not the only reason, that’s a benefit to me because I come down and see people in person. Every time I want something handled it gets handled. Empower has good people, very knowledgeable people. I can call up and pretty much get an answer any time I need. And of course I value the friendships and bonds that I’ve established over the last four years I’ve been here.

So you would recommend Empower Brokerage to others?

Oh, absolutely.


“Thank you Rob. We value knowing you as well.”

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