Supplemental Insurance: National General Product Overview

One of the best ways to make health insurance affordable nowadays is with a supplemental plan, paired with a bronze-qualified health plan. Rates for health insurance are steadily increasing. Monthly premiums are skyrocketing, and deductibles are increasingly becoming unaffordable. However, with a bronze plan, the monthly premiums are less; then with a supplemental plan, the deductibles are practically covered. Overall, this provides the best coverage at a low price. The key is knowing which supplemental plan is right for you.

National General Insurance Company provides some of the most competitive and popular supplemental plans on the market. Some of their products include the Plan Enhancer, Trio-Med, dental, fixed indemnity, and many other great plans.

National General – Plan Enhancer

The Plan Enhancer gives you money for accident-related medical expenses to help pay for the deductible. Additionally, the Plan Enhancer also gives money for critical illnesses like cancer, heart attack, and stroke. Moreover, unlike other supplemental plans, the Plan Enhancer offers sickness in-patient coverage, which is very unique. To explain, if you’re in the hospital, receiving in-patient care, for over 24 hours, then the supplement will pay you a lump sum. The lump sum amount is actually chosen at the time of application. So if you have a $5,000 deductible on your bronze plan, then you can purchase a $5,000 Plan Enhancer. You can have $5,000 for cancer, heart attack, stroke, $5,000 for accidents, and $5,000 for sickness in-patient. Essentially, this money negates the deductible. It truly does cover your out-of-pocket exposure.

National General – Trio-Med

Another great product in addition to the Plan Enhancer is the Trio-Med plan. Though a little different than the plan enhancer, it gives you an allotted amount of money for an accident, for a critical illness, as well as for dismemberment. For accidents, it pays X amount; for critical illness, it pays X amount; and for dismemberment, it pays X amount. All major medical expenses are covered at a lower cost to the Plan Enhancer. This is an incredibly cost-effective supplement, especially when paired with a bronze plan.


National General also offers a stand-alone accident plan and a critical illness plan. The latter plan has a three-bucket structure, meaning it pays out for illnesses related to cancer, heart, and miscellaneous; it pays out three times. They also have PPO dental plans, as well as indemnity dental plans. Then, they also offer a hospital expense plan, which is an indemnity-style plan. This means it pays a set amount for your varying medical needs; if you go to the doctor, it pays X amount; if you’re in-patient, it pays X amount.

This is merely a preview of their supplemental plans that can be packaged with a qualified health plan. However, if you’re looking for something outside of the marketplace that’s not qualified, then National General also has short-term medical plans, as well as fixed indemnity-style plans. Without a doubt, National General is a great company with an excellent array of products. Talk to an agent today to see how you can package a National General supplement plan with your qualified health plan. Or, ask your agent if a short-term plan or fixed indemnity is a viable option for you!

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