The Second Open Enrollment Deadline

It’s the new year. The holidays are over, but open enrollment isn’t. It’s crunch time now. The first deadline has come and gone, but there’s two deadlines left. Don’t procrastinate! Enroll in a qualified health plan now before it’s too late!

Final OEP Deadlines Are Around the Corner

The next deadline for the open enrollment period (OEP) is January 15th. As we draw near to the second deadline, you need to be aware of a few details. First, open enrollment is almost over. The OEP season ends January 31st. Secondly, anything sold between December 16th and January 15th goes into effect February 1st. If you miss the next deadline, which again is January 15th, you have to wait until March 1st for coverage. Any plan sold within the last two weeks of January becomes effective March 1st. After that January, you can no longer enroll in a qualified, Obamacare plan unless you are subject to a special enrollment period (SEP).

One more time – January 15th is the second deadline, and January 31st is the final deadline. If you have yet to enroll but your plan terminated December 31st, then you are without coverage. In most states, several carriers did not renew plans for the majority of their client base. Therefore, it’s important that you check your mail and are aware of these carrier notices.

Bottom Line

Make sure that you’ve got coverage. Get it as soon as possible so that it will be in effect as soon as possible because you never know what’s going to happen. If you currently don’t have coverage, you may want to consider getting a short term health plan in the interim as a precaution.

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