nutrition facts label
If you are anything like me, you throw grocery items in your cart without taking a single look at the nutrition facts label. This is because many Americans don’t understand how to read the label correctly. All of the information on the label changes for each item, so in this […]

How to Read a Nutrition Facts Label

Why I decided to go on a diet Diets are a funny thing, some of them are incredibly hard. While others are just healthy eating habits. I am somewhere in between. On one hand, my diet is very similar to the keto diet, where you eat little to no carbs, […]

Why I decided to go on a diet

Are you one of the 160 million-plus people in the U.S. who drinks coffee or tea on a egular basis? Do you also flavor your beverage with sugar, cream, flavored syrups, or other calorie-laden additives? Well, I have bad news for you. A new study, conducted by the University of Illinois, reveals […]

Is Your Coffee or Tea Laden with Unnecessary Calories?