ACA Health Insurance Agent Spotlight: Joseph Mwawasi

As one of our most successful ACA health insurance agents, Empower Brokerage jumped at the chance to talk with Joseph Mwawasi, who visited our Southlake office September 19th. Having only been with Empower since 2015, Mwawasi has quickly gained attention with his knowledge of the insurance industry, evident by his growing success – a success that has prompted him to expand and build his own agency.

Mwawasi, who speaks with authority, as only a top agent would, yet also maintains a personable attitude that captures his audience’s attention, shared his experiences working with Empower Brokerage, as well as imparted some knowledge on the current state of ACA health insurance. Take a look!

How has your experience working with Empower Brokerage been?

Empower has been a great mentor so far. They do what they say they’re going to do. Also, they deliver just like their name says. They’ve empowered me to want to take care of my clients and to help them get what they need.

What prompted your decision to build your own agency and how are you hoping Empower can facilitate your growing business?

The main thing is, as we all know right now in changing times, that the ACA & health insurance industry is changing [as well]. There’s a lot of people that need help from an experienced agent, a well-trained agent, and also an agent that has all the [necessary] tools. With my background, I have a lot friends and family that did not get [the help they needed]. [When] trying to take care of their families as far as ACA & health insurance [is concerned], they didn’t get that kind of help. With Empower, [the agents] have the tools [and] they have the training to [take care of clients’ needs]. My goal is to be able to have a team of folks that [work together] doing the same thing so that everybody gets the help they need.

What is something you feel all consumers should be aware of, concerning ACA or Obamacare, as Open Enrollment approaches?

The one thing that everybody needs to know is with this new healthcare law there is access to healthcare. Before [there was] a huge percentage of the population that did not have access to this healthcare system. Mainly, they could not afford it, or [they were denied] because of pre-existing conditions. With the new healthcare law, also known as Obamacare, that has been taken away. Not only that [but in regards to] the first instance [there are] folks that make between a certain threshold as far as annual income; now they are able to afford the healthcare insurance. Also, the folks that have different conditions – pre-existing conditions – they have access as well. [No one will] get rejected because of a prior condition. Everybody needs to know that.

The key to [knowing] is to work with an agent that has experience. [Get] an agent that has all the tools and also the training that they need to be able to help you. Empower Brokerage is actually helping agents out there be able to do that – to help their client base, families, and friends. [Empower] gives them the opportunity.

What do you have to say about the record low uninsured rate (8.6%) this year?

The numbers fluctuate every year. The one thing for sure is this year – 2016 – [the rate] is at a record low. We are looking at that number to go lower than [8.6%] mainly because of the way the stage has been set. Families that could not afford healthcare before are now able to afford healthcare. Not only that, employers that had restrictions on what to provide their employees as far as healthcare [can afford it] as well. It’s a seamless process as far getting [people] the right coverage at what they can afford.

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