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Gender disparities are very prominent in the health field. However, femtech has been the new thing to hit the medical sphere, with its sole purpose being to help women. What is Femtech? Femtech refers to the “software, diagnostics, products and services, that use technology to support women’s health”. Iva Tin, […]

A Dive Into Femtech

In 2019 it is hard to escape the use of technology in most senses. We search for cooking recipes online, use workout methods that we saw on Facebook, and even can order a car ride from some of the most popular transportation apps. Without looking at the negative, technology has […]

Health Tech advancements: Best Apps/ Tech For Your Health

With advances in technology, it has become easier to track our own personal health. Whether its an Apple watch or a Fitbit, technology allows us to manage certain activities, whether it’s your breathing, your heart rate, or even your caloric intake. There have been many amazing inventions over the last […]

Using Technology to Track Your Personal Health