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lost health coverage
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans lost their jobs and many of them remain out of work. Due to this, many of those people lost their health coverage entirely or temporarily lost their health coverage during the pandemic. Steps To Take If You’ve Lost Coverage If […]

Lost Health Coverage During The Pandemic

That first job after college is of the utmost importance to college seniors and recent graduates. However, it is possible to take this task into your own hands. Success is just a few steps away, so don’t get discouraged. Start with these tips to begin your job search. 1. Career […]

Your First Job After College

Weather affects pain
Cloudy with a Chance of Pain According to a new study by The University of Manchester, approximately 75% of people with long-term pain believe weather affects pain. It is a long-held belief that cold weather worsens or aggravates pain. As a result, researchers set out to explain this weather-pain relationship. […]

Weather Affects Pain, New Study Says

What to Expect of Healthcare in the Future If you couldn’t tell before now, healthcare has always been on a steady rise, as our population grows larger and begins to age. With medical spending at a high and healthcare jobs taking up a majority of the market, healthcare has just become the U.S.’s […]

Healthcare Careers Are Taking over the Job Market

  Cost Sharing Reductions When it comes to cost sharing reductions, we’re talking about the Affordable Care Act, which is also referred to as the marketplace or Obamacare. Basically, cost-sharing reductions apply to those with a low income (household income). Now that’s subjective, but the government built a chart for that […]

Cost Sharing Reductions: How to Receive Aid for Insurance Costs

In a report, published in the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Journals Library, the researchers from the University of York provided significant evidence to prove that acupuncture is not simply a placebo effect. While many approach acupuncture with uncertainty and skepticism, there’s now substantial evidence to prove that it is not a sham. […]

Acupuncture: Alternative Treatment for Chronic Pain and Depression