In-House Financing Plus an Indemnity Dental Plan Equals Great Coverage 1

Don’t you think in-house financing is a much better option to finance patients?

However, it is not something most dentists offer. It requires accounting, bookkeeping, etc, which creates more work for the provider. So though it is rarely offered, in-house financing is great for patients, especially when paired with a fixed indemnity plan. For example, a dentist can offer in-house financing and still get a guaranteed payment from the client’s indemnity plan. This means the provider does not have to become a member of a PPO or HMO network. Instead, they can finance the client’s portion of the payment while still receiving the benefits from the indemnity dental plan. That can amount to a guaranteed payment of at least 50% on the total costs for preventative services. The plan benefits, of course, depend on the type of indemnity plan. In some cases, indemnity plans offer benefit increases that grow every year from 50% to 60% to 70%… so long as the client keeps their plan.

So to answer the question, yes, in-house financing benefits both the dentist and the patients. For dentists, in-house financing may attract clients. Moreover, clients will more likely get the recommended treatment, regardless of cost, because it’s made more affordable. It’s even more affordable, again, with an indemnity plan. The best solution is not an either/or, but rather a both – both a dental plan and in-house financing. If an individual can find a dentist who offers in-house financing while on an indemnity dental plan, then they have great affordable coverage.

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