4 Types of Dental Plans: the HMO Dental Plan

HMO dental plans typically have a fairly narrow network; you can only use their providers to receive services. Though the networks are small, there are no waiting periods. It’s a scheduled-benefit structured plan. So in other words, you pay nothing or a copay to see the dentist whether it’s a cleaning or a procedure. For major procedures like root canals, the plan typically covers 50% of the cost. But again, there’s a schedule. Whatever the plan’s schedule it, that’s what you pay.

So, you can visit the dentist as often as needed; you simply pay the balance at the time of service. For instance, a root canal may be $800, but under your HMO dental plan, it will only cost you $450, which you pay while at the dentist. Another example: you schedule to get a crown, which costs, let’s say, $1,500; however, with the HMO dental plan’s schedule, it only costs $700. If you go outside of their network though, then you have to pay the total cost of $1,500. So within the network, you save a lot of money. 

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