The Health and Financial Consequences of Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol affects the body in many ways. In moderation, drinking is fine, but too much of a good thing can be a bad thing with excessive consumption. For instance, drinking a glass of wine or beer per day won’t do that much damage. However, if this turns into a habit or you begin to see an increase in how much you drink, maybe it’s time to think about the negatives. While some of the negatives are health related, there are financial consequences. Read more to find out how alcohol negatively impacts a person.

Liver Rot

The liver is most associated with removing harmful substances from your body, such as the chemicals in alcoholic drinks. Continuously using alcohol on a long-term basis interferes with the liver’s cleaning process. Alcohol also increases the risk of developing chronic liver inflammation and liver disease. It becomes hard for the liver to remove toxic substances as it’s continually destroyed. This could lead to liver disease, which is life threatening due to the toxins and waste that builds up in your body.

Digestive Problems

Too much alcohol can cause abnormal digestive enzymes created by the pancreas. If these enzymes build up it can lead to inflammation of the pancreas called pancreatitis. This blockage can lower the levels of pancreatic enzymes and hormones, which will make it hard for your body to breakdown food and regulate your blood sugar. This can cause serious health problems, including malnutrition and diabetes.

Nervous System Break Down

Alcohol impacts your body’s central nervous system. One way to see how alcoholic drinks affect this system is slurred words. Alcohol reduces your ability to communicate between your brain and your body. The more alcohol you consume the more damage you cause to your central nervous system, which might cause numbness and tingling sensations in your feet and hands.


Drinking heavily can cause people to develop a dependency on alcohol. Withdrawal can be life-threatening, which may need professional help to break the addiction. Many people seek medical detoxification to get sober and can often lead to withdrawal. Some of the signs of alcohol withdrawal are tremors, nervousness, anxiety, high blood pressure, heavy sweating, and more. If you know someone who needs help with alcoholism refer them to 1-877-721-4542.

Insurance Rates

When applying for life insurance, insurers will ask about alcohol use. If the insurer concludes anything more than an occasional social drinker it could cause you to lose the preferred rates. Drinking more than three or four drinks will knock you out of “standard” life insurance rate. Depending on the severity of the alcohol use, an underwriter could decline your application or put you in a more expensive rate class.

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