We can enjoy our favorite music, movies, podcasts, videos, etc. wherever we go. Luckily, headphones allow us to continue listening to our favorite media without disturbing others in public or private settings. However, just because we always have access to headphones does not mean we should take advantage. You should […]

Protect Your Ears with Headphone Safety

Live Music During COVID-19
Since the start of the pandemic, almost all large public events have been canceled or postponed and since then, people have been scrambling to find a way to hold gatherings like sports and live music during COVID-19. Several methods have been attempted since the start: socially distanced concerts, drive-in concerts, […]

Safely Performing Live Music During COVID-19

Can listening to music help boost your mental state? In my opinion, these days doctors are prescribing just about every drug under the sun to help with depression, anxiety, and stress. But should they really be prescribing music therapy? Music has an inherent ability to change someone’s mental state. We […]

Does Music Have Mental Benefits?