Millennials Are Not As Happy As Past Generations Recently, The Health Foundation, an independent UK charity, published early findings of a two-year study about the future health of young people. These studies have revealed an interesting find. One, in particular, is that most millennials may be less happy and healthy by […]

Millennials Are Not As Happy As Past Generations

Millennials, Do you Have Debt? Is that college still following you around? Do you have any debt in general? It shouldn’t surprise you that three out of every 4 millennials have some type of debt. Depending on how much debt you have you might be wondering what you could do to get out […]

Millennials, Do you Have Debt?

Today, I’m here with Jeff Hess, Product Specialist at Empower Brokerage, and we’re going over questions for millennials. The younger generations don’t understand the insurance world or how it works. We thought it would be a great idea to clear up a little bit of those confusions. What do all our premiums pay into? Actually, your premiums are paid to the carriers that are insuring you. Basically, you’re paying […]

Healthcare Questions Many Millennials Have