how is telehealth changing healthcare

There have been several overshadowed headlines in healthcare this past year, including price transparency, surprise billing, and telehealth.
The coronavirus crisis swept international headlines early this year and has continued to take the forefront of countless media sources through the summer and autumn months. Because of the crisis’s magnitude, several healthcare-related stories have largely been overlooked. Below are some of the overshadowed headlines in healthcare that you may […]

Overshadowed Headlines in Healthcare 2020

Telehealth apps allow patients to meet with healthcare providers day or night.
As patients remain concerned about the current COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth expands with many health care providers now offering services virtually. In 2020 alone, telehealth will grow by nearly 65 percent, according to an analysis by Frost & Sullivan. This rapid expansion continues to allow patients access to on-demand, cost-effective care […]

Telehealth Expands due to COVID Concerns