Scientists alarmed by large amounts of carcinogen benzene in household sunscreens.  Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.
Cancer-Causing Sunscreen…? Valisure, an independent research laboratory based in Connecticut, just released a detailed report finding gratuitous amounts of benzene in many commonly available sunscreens.  Benzene is a flammable liquid used in producing things like rubber, plastic, pesticides, detergents, gasoline, and the like.  Because it evaporates quickly in oxygen, most people […]

Carcinogen Benzene Found in Common Sunscreens

J&J Knew Baby Powder Could Be Contaminated With Asbestos According to a 2018 Reuters investigation, Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that its iconic baby powder product could potentially be contaminated with asbestos. This is based on corporate memos and legal documents dating as far back as 1971. J&J employees […]

Johnson & Johnson Knew Baby Powder Could Be Contaminated With ...