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Bees are one of the most significant animals in the food chain. With their pollination, we see growth in a lot of plants, fruits, and vegetables that we need to survive. And while that is all good and well, bee stings are no fun. Bee Sting Symptoms Reactions to bee […]

Treating Bee Stings

Candy Conundrums With spooky season fully underway, families are gearing up for Halloween, likely planning to spend the evening participating in costume parties and trick-or-treating. Once kids collect all the candy they can carry, they’ll be digging into their favorite sweets. However, everyone involved in the festivities should proceed with […]

Avoiding Allergies on Halloween

It’s been a beautiful summer. Unfortunately, with gorgeous weather, comes pollen allergies, produced by flowers and trees at full bloom in the summer. Pollen allergies are one of the most common allergic reactions in the United States. If you’re like me, these allergies can be a pain, especially the runny noses, scratchy […]

Avoid Pollen Allergies Year-Round with Simple Home Remedies