short term medical plan

Whether you’re shopping for a qualified health plan, a short-term medical plan, accident plan, dental plan, etc., limitations and exclusions may apply. It’s important to understand the limitations with the plan you’re shopping for before purchasing it. Typically, the limitations and exclusions of health plans are standard across all insurance […]

Limitations and Exclusions on Health Plans

Important Deadline for Short-Term Medical Insurance For those who do not have a qualified health plan or any health insurance, you can still get insurance. Until March 28th (only one week away!), short term medical is available for the remainder of 2017. If you’re currently without insurance, then you need to get […]

March 28th Deadline for Short-Term Medical

What are Short-Term Medical Plans? Short-term medical plans are nothing new. They’ve been around for decades, helping provide coverage when people are between jobs or recently graduated. As the name suggests, short-term plans bridge coverage gaps for a limited time, usually six months or less. However, since the enactment of […]

Short-Term Medical Plan May Sore Under Trump’s Healthcare Initiatives

1. You may not get the coverage you most need. Short-term medical plans do not have to adhere to federal regulations. Therefore, they are not obligated to cover preexisting conditions. As a result, consumers may discover that they’re paying for insurance that doesn’t cover their health needs. A short-term policy exists […]

3 Facts to Keep in Mind When Considering a Short-Term ...

It’s open enrollment season, and the first two deadlines have come and gone. The last deadline is two weeks away – January 31st! With that being said, what happens if you miss your ACA deadline? If your plan is not renewing, then you need to enroll in a plan ASAP to effectuate new coverage. […]

What Happens if You Miss Your Open Enrollment ACA Deadline?