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Dr. Gawande Named the CEO of Brookshire, JP Morgan, and Amazon Joint Venture Earlier in the week, we updated you on the business merger of Brookshire, JP Morgan, and Amazon. Last time we checked in, the merger announced the head of their joint venture hired Atul Gawande as CEO of this venture. […]

Dr. Gawande Named the CEO of Brookshire, JP Morgan, and ...

Great First Strides Since November 1st, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been opened up for the 2018 Open Enrollment period. The ACA is the health care reform law in America and is often coined as Obamacare. Since opening up for enrollment, the ACA has seen an extraordinary rise in enrollments. […]

Why Is the ACA so Successful in the 2018 OEP?

Short Term Medical Plan Companion Life
1. Available Year-Round This year, Open Enrollment lasts from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017. If you did not file for insurance in previous years, chances are you will not be able to get coverage until those dates. For those that don’t want to wait for Open Enrollment, Companion Life short term medical […]

Three Benefits to Having a Companion Life Short Term Medical ...

As part of the new stabilization ruling, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have given insurers flexibility in terms of plan design. They’re not restricted to the metal tiers: bronze, silver, gold, platinum. Now, they can create different plans with lower premiums that are still considered qualified health […]

CMS Allows Insurers Plan Flexibility to Lower Premiums

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have included in their recent ruling an incentive to maintain continuous coverage. They’re incentivizing individuals to keep their policy, or rather they’re penalizing people for dropping coverage. If someone goes a few months without coverage, then they’re going to have to pay more […]

Per CMS ruling, Individuals Must Maintain Continuous Coverage

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) came out with some final stabilization rules. One component of the ruling now makes it more difficult to qualify for a special enrollment period (SEP). Essentially, an SEP enables people, who couldn’t get coverage or lost coverage outside of open enrollment, to enroll in a […]

CMS Requires Qualifying Documentation for Special Enrollment Periods (SEP)

Have you ever heard of a plan having first-dollar benefits, no deductibles, and no rate increases? These three descriptors are the basis of fixed indemnity plans. Moreover, fixed indemnity plans operate on a set schedule. To explain, they only pay so much for you to see the doctor, visit a hospital, […]

Fixed Indemnity Plans

Important Deadline for Short-Term Medical Insurance For those who do not have a qualified health plan or any health insurance, you can still get insurance. Until March 28th (only one week away!), short term medical is available for the remainder of 2017. If you’re currently without insurance, then you need to get […]

March 28th Deadline for Short-Term Medical

1. You may not get the coverage you most need. Short-term medical plans do not have to adhere to federal regulations. Therefore, they are not obligated to cover preexisting conditions. As a result, consumers may discover that they’re paying for insurance that doesn’t cover their health needs. A short-term policy exists […]

3 Facts to Keep in Mind When Considering a Short-Term ...

It’s January 31st – the last day of open enrollment. After today, individuals cannot sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Interestingly, now that Trump is threatening to repeal Obamacare, it’s more popular than ever according to recent polls. Since the last open enrollment deadline on January 15th, […]

Last Day to Enroll in an Obamacare Plan