Since Obamacare insured millions and millions of individuals, reducing the uninsured rate to a record low, it, however, created a crisis. Even more so than the rising premiums and high deductibles, people are frustrated by the restrictive networks. Understandably, people want to see their doctors when they need to see […]

Telemedicine: Reshaping the Way We Receive Healthcare

Towards the end of December 2016, the Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a study, involving six focus groups with about eight to ten men and women, from Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. All participants voted for President-elect Trump. Of the six focus groups, three had a qualified, Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan […]

Survey: What Do People Want Most from Health Insurance?

Pay the Premium to Effectuate Your Policy In 2014 and 2015, it was generally acceptable to get a plan and not pay the first month’s premium for up to three months. Even though the payment was deferred, people would still have coverage for those first three months. However, carriers ended […]

Pay Your Premium in Order to Effectuate Your Health Insurance ...

Overwhelmed by high deductibles? Worried about your out-of-pocket exposure? Fear not! Jeff Hess, the individual health expert, has the solution to your problems. Check out the video below to learn the best way to spend your healthcare dollars and get an affordable plan this ACA season! How to Fight High Deductibles and Avoid Out-of-Pocket […]

Got High Deductibles? Consider a Gap Plan for 2017

As the leading expert on individual, group, and ancillary health insurance here at Empower Brokerage, Jeff Hess knows what he’s talking about, and we want to share his infinite knowledge with you! Check out the video below to learn how Obamacare has affected group health insurance. To start, group insurance is an […]

Obamacare and Its Impact on Group Health Plans, Part 1

Health insurance is an ever-changing industry. In the video below, Jeff Hess, individual, group, and ancillary health expert, shares the biggest changes that will affect the 2017 plan year. Watch now to better prepare for the upcoming ACA season! Change #1: Fewer Choices Okay, as for the changes for 2017, […]

The Biggest Changes in 2017 for Obamacare