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Short-term medical has undergone several changes this year. It used to be available for extended periods of time with the option of renewal every year. However, a new law, which went into effect April 1, 2017, restricted short-term medical plans to three-month coverage periods. In addition to the three-month period, the […]

Short-Term Medical Changes in 2017

Have you ever heard of a plan having first-dollar benefits, no deductibles, and no rate increases? These three descriptors are the basis of fixed indemnity plans. Moreover, fixed indemnity plans operate on a set schedule. To explain, they only pay so much for you to see the doctor, visit a hospital, […]

Fixed Indemnity Plans

Obamacare Alternative Rodney Culp, CEO of Empower Brokerage, has been helping people find affordable health insurance for the past 32 years. In those 32 years, he’s never seen a time that was more tumultuous than this year. Because of rising premiums, evident during this Open Enrollment season, it’s important that […]

Short Term Medical Plans: The Obamacare Alternative