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Apple tech is in the process of bringing more health information to its users. Monday, 2/11/2019, Apple announced it would begin working with the US Department of Veterans Affairs to bring health records to iPhone users. What doors can open bringing health info to apple devices? Is this the fruition […]

Apple Tech: A Further Push to Make Health Records More ...

How Can Apple Make Health Records More Accessible? In recent months, Apple, the major tech company, has announced it’s entering into the healthcare world. What would they provide? Promises of easier access to medical records for partnering healthcare networks patients which is a big deal. Only a few months later, Apple […]

How Can Apple Make Health Records More Accessible?

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Apple’s Big Move With Health Records Over the past decade, we have seen Apple Electronics speed past the competition with technology from phones to computers. It’s hard to live in America without knowing the signature logo or name. This time, Apple is making strides toward providing its users with better […]

Apple’s Big Move with Health Records