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Depression is a growing problem in America. We have all heard of it, know someone going through it, or even have experienced it our selves. But did you know there are multiple forms of depression? there are multiple types and each stems from a different situation. There are also multiple ways […]

Depression: The Different Types of Depression With Treatment

Like adults, children can also go through times of depression. In 2017, more children have been diagnosed with depression than ever before. This year, 11.93% of youth report suffering from at least one major depressive episode. Depression is dangerous for the health of your child and is important to monitor. […]

Depression in the Youth: Symptoms and Solutions

Depression affects approximately 14.8 million American adults. If depression is left untreated, it can affect not only your mental well-being but your physical life as well. It has been researched that with ongoing despair and sorrow you can increase the chance of turning towards drugs or alcohol in order to ease […]

Learn how to Identify Common Symptoms to Prevent Depression