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As we grow older brain diseases, tend to become more frequent in the elder population, most notably dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Although most common there are other diseases that can impair your memory, thinking, and judgment. Do you know the most common brain diseases and some of the key symptoms […]

Most Common Brain Diseases/Disorders

Don’t you hate it when your brain goes flat? Those times when you are trying to clear your mind of all the fog, but it seems impossible. This can be hard to overcome and can affect your work ethic, ability to communicate, and even your ability to process information. Today […]

Brain Power: Increasing your Brain Strength

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Want to increase your brain health? Tired of feeling like you’re not working your mind enough? Improving your brain function allows you many benefits such as faster thinking, better memory, and much more. Today we will look at ways to improve your brain power and the benefits from expanding your […]

Increasing Brain Health: What Are Benefits Of A Healthy Brain

Let’s face it, your memory stores some of the greatest moments of your life; thus, it’s an incredibly important function of your brain. Maintaining one’s memory should be a priority, especially when it holds key moments to your life. In this article, I would like to give a few tips […]

Three Ways You Can Significantly Improve Your Memory

What’s a Mediterranean Diet Look Like? Essentially, the Mediterranean diet consists of fresh vegetables, fruit and the occasional drink. Instead of overly processed foods, the Mediterranean diet promotes fresh salads dressed with olive oil, plenty of fresh fruit, hummus, beans and pasta. Studies Show Improved Brain Health with the Mediterranean Diet It’s well-known in […]

A Mediterranean Diet May Preserve Brain Function in Old Age