advanced premium tax credits

If you haven’t already, you need to finish your taxes by tomorrow, April 18. For many Americans, federal income taxes are not the only thing due tomorrow; those who failed to have health insurance for the 2016-2017 plan year are also subject to pay the penalty. Though it’s been heavily […]

Tax Deadline Means Health Insurance Questions

Jeff Hess, the individual health expert, has noticed a reoccurring issue, regarding advanced premium tax credits (APTCs), this year. Many clients are expressing concerns because even though they qualify for APTCs they are being denied tax credits. After some investigation, Jeff Hess attributes this issue to taxes. Watch the video […]

Important Notice: People are Losing Their Advanced Premium Tax Credits ...

The best approach to understanding the chaos and confusion of health insurance is to familiarize yourself with the terminology specific to the industry. In the video below, Jeff Hess, individual, group, and ancillary health expert, defines Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTC) and cost sharing reductions. Check it out! Advanced Premium Tax Credits […]

Terms Defined: Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTC) and Cost Sharing ...

If you’re looking to get health insurance, or even if you’re someone who’s had health insurance for years, there may be terms that you have heard but had no idea what they meant. For instance, have you ever wondered what on/off marketplace or on/off exchange means? Well, Jeff Hess, individual, […]

Terms Defined: On-Marketplace and Off-Marketplace

Health insurance is an ever-changing industry. In the video below, Jeff Hess, individual, group, and ancillary health expert, shares the biggest changes that will affect the 2017 plan year. Watch now to better prepare for the upcoming ACA season! Change #1: Fewer Choices Okay, as for the changes for 2017, […]

The Biggest Changes in 2017 for Obamacare