How to Live with Your Chronic Condition

chronic conditionHow to Live with Your Chronic Condition

Turning 65 is a big deal for seniors, as it gives them the ability to apply for Medicare. As an official senior citizen, it’s important to take care of your health. Since chronic conditions are prevalent in seniors, taking preventative steps to fight off disease is highly important. So what are those chronic conditions that seem most common in seniors? Today, we will be covering this and more as we explore chronic conditions in the elderly.

What Is a Chronic Condition?

After the age 65, data suggest you have at least another 19.3 years, on average, if you manage your chronic conditions in order to stay healthy. So what are chronic conditions? A chronic condition is a human health condition or disease that is persistent or otherwise long-lasting in its effects or a disease that comes with time. There is a large list of chronic conditions some that you may have heard of, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Asthma, Chronic Kidney Disease, Schizophrenia, and Other Psychotic Disorders. Chronic disease can affect your independence and slowly cripple you if action isn’t taken.

How to Manage Chronic Condition?

When living with a chronic condition, it is important to know what strategies you can take to ensure coping with a chronic condition is as manageable as possible. It is important to know what your condition is. Know how it happens, why it happens, and the steps you need to take to stabilize it. Being knowledgeable about your condition is critical in knowing how to live with it. Sometimes you might need a support team to help you take care of your condition. Seeking out experts in your condition specifically can help you make a plan to tackle it head-on. Your health is important to take care of and taking the initiative to exercise more and create better eating habits will help prevent your condition from flaring up.

Your disease might come with new emotions like stress, sadness, confusion, anger, and even depression. It’s important to learn to deal with these, or it can be a road-block to your growth. If these feelings begin to overwhelm you, reach out to a specialist immediately. If you need motivation, good articles, or forums, I suggest visiting There are many helpful resources on this site, and you can find a community of those who have chronic conditions. Use your illness to push you forward. Nothing is stopping your personal growth, and it’s important to not let a condition hold you back.

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