Getting ready for the winter How to get ready for winter? It’s December and it is time you get geared up for the winter. Stock your house with a lot of food and warm clothes. Here are some tips on how to make your winter more comfortable: Get your warm […]

How To Get Ready For Winter

Some advantages of being a vegetarian? We all have heard that a vegetarian and vegan diet is better than eating meat. There are various theories over losing weight by quitting meat or living longer after you stop eating meat. Here are some scientific facts. Vegan and Vegetarian So firstly, what […]

Some Advantages of Being a Vegetarian?

Mindfulness Tips for the Day “A chaotic mind is a house for an evil mind.” Don’t you think that is true? I think a lot, I overthink, and then I think again way too much when I don’t have anything productive to do. When I am busy, I keep myself […]

Mindfulness Tips for the Day

aviod flu
Western and Desi ways to avoid flu this winter It is already winter and the flu season is here. Here are some basic ways to take care of yourself from the flu. Make sure you follow these to avoid flu or recover from the flu this winter. DESI “The people, […]

How To Avoid The Flu This Winter

How to avoid the Emergency room on thanksgiving day Have you ever had that conversation with your spouse? The one where you think its a good idea to deep fry your turkey this year, without any experience? Deep frying a turkey takes some know-how. If done properly it can be […]

How To Avoid The Emergency Room On Thanksgiving Day – ...

With being midway through the AEP, your agent probably has reached out to you about changes for the 2020 year. You probably sat down with them and through a review of your current plan have options to change or stay with your current carrier. In the recent  Democratic presidential primary […]

Plan Change: Should You Be Scared of Finding A New ...

A three-year study has been completed, which tracks the underlying effects of Cigna’s engagement program. The study results provided information on these programs finding that it not only improves health but also lowers cost. The study followed more than 210,000 customers enrolled in 28 employer-sponsored plans. The desired goal of […]

Engagement Program: How Cigna’s Programs are Improving Health & Cost

Study suggests link between blood pressure and dementia.
Obamacare exchange to offer more insurance choices, slightly lower premiums in 2020 Americans will have more choices and lower premiums in 2020 ACA open enrollment, according to Kaiser Health News. An additional 20 insurers will participate in the marketplace this year, expanding consumer choices. Nearly 70% of customers will have […]

More Choices, Lower Premiums In 2020 ACA Open Enrollment

Preventative care
Preventative Care According to the CDC, preventative care includes health services like screenings, check-ups, and patient counseling that are used to prevent illnesses, disease, and other health problems, or to detect illness at an early stage when treatment is likely to work best. Getting recommended preventive services and making healthy […]

Preventative Care: How Often Should You Be Going To The ...

With Open Enrollment season beginning many will be looking for Health insurance plans that fit their needs. Many turn to ACA for its broad coverage, including the 10 essential benefits. These include doctors’ services, inpatient and outpatient hospital care, prescription drug coverage, pregnancy and childbirth, mental health services, and more. […]

Short Term Plans: Is This A Good Alternative For You?