gardening benefits
We all need a productive past time. Not playing the latest video game, nor binge watching that favorite TV show. Something that gets us active and away from technology as well as active in nature. The benefits of being outside not only helps develop healthy habits but also gets us […]

Gardening: Underlying Benefits

Nanotechnology probably wasn’t the first thing you thought about this morning. As for those who geek over the idea, nanotech has slowly been creating strides in a field that can change our outlook on health and how it can enhance our lives. No clue what nanotech is or its capabilities? […]

Nanotech In Health & It’s Constant Stride

Weight Loss
We’ve all been there. The jeans start to feel a little tight. You don’t like the way you look in the mirror. Its time to start that diet again. You do everything right. Eat healthy, exercise, and avoid all things sweet. But for whatever reason, the weight just won’t come […]

Can Breath Mints Prevent Weight Loss?

health insurance in India
Health insurance in India is much different than in the United States. Healthcare is much different. Migrating from another country into a culture which is varied from your native culture can bring a different outlook towards existing challenges at a place. In this article, I would like to talk about […]

Health Insurance in India vs the United States: Cultural differences ...

A study was done by researchers at Harvard that explains how light -emitting eReaders affects sleep. It turns out, there are many reasons why screen use at night affects sleep quantity and quality. An eReader is an electronic that emits blue light, the same as a T.V. or phone. Using […]

Screen Use at Night Affects Sleep

Background Smart-phones are rapidly consuming the different parts of our lives. We spend our days in a constant state of distraction because of the different alerts and notifications that battle for our attention. Work, school, social media and texting are just some of the things we give attention to. Because […]

Is Smartphone Use Harmful?

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You might be happy with your insurance, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep track of it. Health plans can change drastically and sometimes your plan can be canceled without you knowing. Is that even legal? Well in certain cases it is and it’s important to know when & why […]

Cancellation Of Your Insurance: Are You Left Without a Paddle?

Overview Guaranteed Trust for Life (GTL) is a product that fits perfectly with a Medicare Advantage plan. GTL is a company with a large array of products like Medicare supplements, critical illness plans, cancer plans, and much more. GTL’s advantage plus hospital indemnity plan is one of the best advantage […]

Considering Hospital Indemnity

beauty sleep
Key to natural beauty also includes a proper and healthy sleep schedule. Glowing and clean skin, no marks or dark circles, removal of dead skin, and efficient weight loss are some perks of adequate sleep. Enough sleep at the right time It is not only important to get enough 7 […]

Get Your Beauty Sleep