The City of Dallas launched its first COVID-19 mega vaccination site at Dallas Fair Park this week, where nearly 1,800 people got vaccinated. The city’s goal is to exceed that number each day going forward. The mega-site did not open without hiccups, however. Residents must register online at to […]

Dallas’ Fair Park Vaccination site

Now that it is officially 2021, it is time to review your past year and adopt SMART goals that will help guide and grow your business!
With 2021 upon us, now is the time to review the past year and adopt new goals to help guide both your business and personal life towards growth and success! An easy way to start is to set SMART goals! SMART stands for specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound, and […]

Setting and Utilizing SMART Goals

With this new coronavirus variant, along with others, on the rise, it is more important than ever to stay safe and educated.
Over the past weeks, the news of a new coronavirus variant has dominated media circles around the globe. With this new variant, along with others, on the rise, it is more important than ever to stay safe and educated about the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic. This new variant, formally called B.1.1.7, […]

Coronavirus Variant From UK Found Internationally

With a large increase in positive COVID-19 cases coming from the new variant of the virus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that as part of England’s latest COVID restrictions, the country is going into lockdown again starting Tuesday. The lockdown begins just a day after the country rolled out the […]

England’s latest COVID restrictions

If you’re in the mood to try something different in 2021, check out these new year’s resolution substitutions, instead!
Happy New Year! It is officially 2021, and if you’re anything like me, your new year’s resolutions will likely last until about mid-January. According to a poll from FranklinCovey and a study from the Journal of Clinical Psychology, approximately one-third of all resolutions are forgotten before February. Luckily, since the […]

New Year’s Resolution Substitutions and Alternatives

Restaurant innovation in 2021 will take on a whole new meaning. After the COVID-19 Pandemic forced restauranteurs to think outside the box about new dining concepts in the midst of a pandemic, some unique ideas were born out of it and will carry on into the future. According to the […]

Restaurant innovation in 2021

During this time of new beginnings, make sure to assess whether your current life insurance policy meets your needs or if it’s time for a life insurance review.
It’s officially 2021! With one year ending and another one beginning, you may be remembering the recent changes you have faced and considering what additional changes may be coming soon. Changes like growing your family, buying a home, or changing your career may leave your current life insurance policy looking […]

New Beginnings: Life Changes that Call for an Insurance Review

With the yearly increase in price, albeit a small one, here is how to cut Medicare Costs in 2021. With Medicare Parts B and D, the more income you bring in, the higher premium you will pay in 2021. The government calls this an Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount or IRMAA. […]

How to Cut Medicare Costs in 2021

The unique mRNA vaccines may not only change the course of the pandemic but may change the way all vaccinations work in the years to come. 
The recent emergency approval and pending approval of Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccinations represents not only hope that the coronavirus pandemic’s end is in sight but also signifies a major step forward in medicine and medical care. The unique mRNA vaccines may not only change the course of the pandemic […]

The Science Behind mRNA Vaccines