What are Funeral Plans and how do they work? What are Funeral Plans and why are they important? These plans are important because they provide you with peace of mind and they provide you and your family with the service that you were wanting. Additionally, funeral plans provide you with […]

What are Funeral Plans and how do they work?

It looks like the first vaccination for COVID-19 is to begin human testing according to manufacturers Moderna. From the previous testing done in March on eight people, the drug seemed to make healthy volunteers make antibodies against COVID-19. The antibodies developed were then able to stop the replication of the […]

First Vaccination For COVID-19 Is Heading To Human Testing

Healthcare workers need personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to stay safe on the job – now more than ever. Unfortunately, though, the materials used to make these in-demand items may actually be absorbing and carrying the virus that doctors, nurses, and patients are trying to avoid. Now that COVID-19 […]

New Material Wards off Blood, Bacteria, and Viruses

5 tips for staying Healthy during college finals College finals can be an extremely stressful time for most college students. With our current pandemic, it could be harder than ever with lockdown orders remaining in effect in most of the country. With that being said, let’s take a look at […]

5 tips for staying Healthy during college finals

Nutrient-Rich Superfoods To Add To Your Diet
Nutrient-Rich Superfoods To Add To Your Diet Plant-foods that remain close to their state in nature, and have little to no processing before being consumed, are considered “whole foods”. Examples of whole foods include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and legumes. A “superfood” is a fairly new marketing term that […]

Nutrient-Rich Superfoods To Add To Your Diet

The travel industry has taken a negative turn due to COVID-19, and many travelers found out the hard way that they were not only risking their health but their money too. However, even without the current pandemic, travelers need to make sure they are reading the fine print on their […]

Travel Insurance Coverage

What would a fourth stimulus package look like? There is a lot of talk about whether there will be a fourth stimulus package. But if there is, what would one look like? What might it include and how much would it cost? The current package that is in the house […]

What would a fourth stimulus package look like? 

As COVID-19 has ravaged the United States – as well as the rest of the world – many businesses were forced to shut down. As the world slowly begins to re-open, restaurants have been perhaps the most controversial business topic. Employing more than 15 million people, the foodservice industry closure […]

Future of the Restaurant Industry

French illustrator Jean Jullien wanted to bring people together during quarantine in the only way he knows how: through art. He created the “Peace for Paris” symbol using the Eiffel Tower after the 2015 Paris terror attacks. Jullien created a black-and-green illustration capturing two individuals embracing through an iPad screen. […]

Reach out to Loved Ones

It looks like COVID-19 is pushing certain companies in the right direction according to a survey from Willis Towers Watson. Companies are enhancing their healthcare, bettering their wellbeing, and paid leave programs. The survey, conducted from April 20 – 23, found that nearly half of respondents (47%) are enhancing health […]

Companies Are Enhancing Their Healthcare During Covid-19